Our Services

Our Services

A Catalyst for Growth

InState invests in innovative technology companies seeking to modernize government processes or companies navigating new and existing regulatory frameworks on the state and local levels. We identify a strategic overlay between a company’s growth objections and our skill set and resources to develop a plan to help the company realize those goals.

Regulated Industries

Companies that work in regulated industries know that the path to market growth can be rife with roadblocks. With proactive advocacy and a dynamic network of partners across the county, we help organizations  protect and expand their operations, with minimal resistance to growth and maximum profitability along the way. We use our extensive on-the-ground relationships to monitor and track any impending legislation, enable conversation directly with regulators or educate political stakeholders about nascent market opportunities. We don’t just respond to existing regulations, we seek out opportunities, nurture relationships and help to develop new regulatory structures according to the strategy we devise together with our companies.

Government Procurement

We enable innovative companies to introduce and promote modernization within state and municipal governments, where over the course of two decades we’ve developed a deep network and presence. Coupling political experience with our team of expert investors, we speak the language of early-stage companies AND government. Leveraging our extensive lobbyist network, we will determine the most effective targeting and execution strategy that makes growth goals achievable and sustainable in the most viable markets. We know how to assess opportunities, formulate a strategy and develop a pitch that will get your product in front of its target audience at the state and local level.

Our Proven Tactics

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