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Who we are

A Unique Mixture of Experienced Investors and Political Operatives

We are highly skilled investors who combine capital investments with a deep understanding of government processes and a national network of political relationships. We back our portfolio companies with the capital and political strategy they need to succeed and help them execute on high growth strategies.




Where We Thrive

Regulated Industries

We have a unique understanding of regulated markets and how to navigate them.  By tapping our expansive 50-state network and identifying risks and opportunities, we have helped break down regulatory barriers for companies at all stages of growth, from pre-seed all the way through Fortune 500.

Government Procurement

Our combined 100 years of government affairs and investing means we can help companies identify their most viable markets, products and services. With more than 5,000 annual interactions with political stakeholders at every level, we can facilitate introductions to the right state and local government decision-makers to accelerate growth.

Growing with InState

Capital is Just the Beginning

Together, we can propel your company forward


Portfolio News

New AI-Powered Data Analyst from Polco Provides Instant, Actionable Insights for Governments

Civic engagement and analytics company Polco announced today an artificial intelligence (AI) tool built on trusted nationwide public sector data that provides powerful analytic and decision-making capabilities. Personified as “Polly,” Polco’s conversational AI data analyst answers public sector leaders’ most pressing questions with unparalleled, real-time performance management data, comparisons, and historical trends. Currently accessed in Polco’s platform, Polly puts actionable community insights at the fingertips of users for strategic planning, budgeting, grant applications, performance management, and everyday reporting.

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The Unexpected Intersection Of Innovation And Impact Of Govtech

Entrepreneurs and innovators always talk about the “next big thing.” There seems to be a mindset that true tech advancements can only be appreciated and supported by people with a vision to find those elusive “early adopters.” They know that to find success with their innovation, they must attract adopters and funding—sometimes simultaneously. To find those things, they most often are focused on the private sector. What if there’s another path with larger budgets, stickier customers and clearly defined sales channels? They may be surprised to learn that the government—in the forms of programs and licensable IP—might be able to help them achieve their technology startup dreams faster and with far less volatility.

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How trusted are state and local governments?

Let’s say you came down with a bad case of the flu. Would you tell all your friends and colleagues that you were healthy as could be—because you didn’t have pneumonia?

Probably not. But that’s exactly how the critical issue of trust in state and local governments is often couched when it’s compared to the situation in the federal government. Consider market researcher Power Almanac’s proclamation that, “Americans view local elected officials far more favorably than members of Congress. … So, keep doing what you’re doing, local government official. Americans trust you to do a very important job.”

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