About InState Partners

About InState

Our Story

InState Partners accelerates growth for innovative startups and helps businesses in regulated industries succeed.  Our team has pursued and achieved over $1 billion in legislation and government contracts for our clients throughout the country. We couple this track-record with  extensive investing experience to find creative solutions for the most complex issues facing companies.

Our approach and unique skill set sets up apart. The InState Partners team is simultaneously focused on both the macro strategic view and a local, tactical approach: with a small group of strategists at our core, we also retain local lobbyists and relationships in all 50 states. As a result, companies we work with know they can rely on our flexibility, speed and reach for all their state-level needs.

Meet InState Partners

The InState Partners team has over 100 years of collective government relations experience and the legislative track record to prove it. We don’t just have contacts in states, we also understand the nuances of each legislative body: when to run a bill, the right sponsor and committee, which administrative agency to engage and where the roadblocks can be found and how to break through them. We also know from experience which states and localities are the most willing to work with and invest in new technologies. You aren’t simply hiring a talented team—you are hiring  seasoned strategists with extensive experience and a successful track record of wins for our companies.