PayIt co-founder thinks company can be as big as Cerner, which helped shape him

PayIt LLC CEO and co-founder John Thomson is undaunted by offering this bold statement: “We can be Kansas City’s next Cerner — we can be that size of company over time and a big employer.”

For Thomson, Cerner Corp. left an indelible mark on the local ecosystem and his career. He still has his original offer letter for a tech support role at the health care IT company.

Without Cerner’s homegrown roots, Thomson isn’t sure he would have pursued a technology career. And it wouldn’t have led him to found Kansas City-based PayIt, a 150-person tech company that aims to simplify doing business with government.

The company has etched multiple milestones, including landing a $100 million investment from Insight Partners in 2019 and a $90 million growth investment in 2022 from Macquarie Capital Principal Finance, which PayIt used to hire more employees and start building out more features.

“Raising $90 million in a crazy capital market is a bit of a testament to the business and its growth trajectory,” Thomson said.