City Of St. Louis, PayIt Partner For Business License Renewal System

Beginning April 4, 2022, St. Louis residents can apply for and renew business licenses online using the payitSt.Louis digital payment system. Available through web browsers and mobile apps, the digital portal will service all six licensing needs within the city: convention and tourism, graduated business licensing, manufacturing, hotel/motel, restaurant receipts, and gross receipts for public garages and parking lots.

“Serving the citizens of St. Louis with modern solutions that meet their expectations and make their lives easier is our top priority. Being able to expand and introduce new elements to the citizen-government experience with a partner like PayIt ensures that we’re continually meeting that goal.”

— City of St. Louis License Collector Mavis T. Thompson, Esq.

St. Louis residents will be able to complete applications for business licenses, and look up existing licenses for renewal by logging into payitSt.Louis using their existing sign-in information. Adding the licensing feature to payitSt.Louis also allows citizens to complete transactions using the preferred payment methods they have saved in the system’s secure digital wallet while making payments for property taxes, earnings taxes, utility bills, and court citations and tickets.

Digitizing business license application and renewal streamlines the process by making it easier for business owners to complete these necessary tasks while eliminating manual paperwork. Licensing support is also available 24/7 for residents through payitSt.Louis.

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